Lining with individual Elements

This lining process has the decisive advantage of being trenchless. Citizens, the environment and the economy will not be affected.

It is possible to rehabilitate nearly all sewer shapes even special ones.

The pipe elements are transported below ground through existing manholes (short pipe process) or installation pits (long pipe process).

In order to transport the pipe segments to their corresponding installation sites in man-sized sewers, Michel Bau has developed special installation trolleys, which manouever the pipes through the sewer.
When rehabilitating non-man-sized
sewers we use winches or hydraulic

To complete successful rehabilitation, a special concrete is pumped into the hollow space in order to stabilise the old sewer (grouting).

The rehabilitated sewers meet the highest quality standards and international demands. Our trenchless rehabilitation system is thus the most economic of its kind:

  • short construction period
  • long rehabilitation stretches
  • high cost-effectiveness
  • enduring performance
  • minimal infrastructural interference
  • special shapes
  • high hydraulic capacity
  • trenchless lining with individual elements