Reference projects

City of Hamburg, Wolkausweg

Pipe Jacking of a steel pipe 1400 mm diameter

  • 16 m controlled stearing driver tube method 1400 mm diameter
  • 58 m sewer construction by ductile cast iron pipe 600 mm diameter
  • 16 m pulling in of the ductile cast iron pipe in the steel pipe
  • construction of 2 chambers by composite construction method (brick+ prefabricated reinforced concrete elements)
  • construction of the target pit l 4.5 m x w 2.5 m x d 5.0 m by horizontal timber sheeting

Length: 90 m

Depth: 5.0 m

Order details

Hamburger Stadtentwässerung

Period of implementation:
05/2017- 09/2017

Order volume:
191 k Euro net