Reference projects

City of Hamburg, Laemmersieth - Osterbekstammsiel

  • 1,127 m construction of polymer concrete mixed water sewer 1600 mm
  • construction of 13 chambers
  • construction of a mixed water overflow structure with PE-HD corrosion protection by prefabricated reinforced concrete parts
  • switchovers of house connecting pipes
  • 800 m open dewatering with submersible pumps, 400m dewatering with vacuum pumps,
  • maintenance of the drainage by lifting device
  • construction of a pipe trench l 731 m x d 8.0 m x w 3.0 m
  • road constructions
  • traffic safety measures

Length: 1,127 m

Depth: up to 9.00 m

Order details

Hamburger Stadtentwässerung AöR

Period of implementation:
07/2014- 06/2016

Order volume:
7.30 m euro net