Depending on the level of the groundwater table it may be necessary to drain and channel the groundwater to provide a dry pit to work in.

Open Drainage

  • by using soakaways and pumping gullys the excess groundwater is removed and may pumped where required
  • land drains collect and channel the groundwater away


Closed Dewatering

  • Vacuumsystems with special filter pipes suck the water through and out and collect this in a sealed tank from which it can be pumped into reservoirs or streams.
  • For larger works a gravity system is used. We insert larger pipes deeper into the ground in which the water is collected only by gravity. This collected water is pumped to the surface through the pipe by using an underwater pump.

The system can be automatically supervised. System errors will be notified and an alarm is sounded. This can also be transferred to a phone. By choice emergency generators can be installed in case of power failures to backup the system.