Flow Diversion

We are glad to advice you all through planning stages and create a drainage concept. All systems and pipes will be installed, controlled and serviced by us personally.

Bypass Drains

Provisional drainage channels the water away and around from the building site.

  • the simple ways for diverting and continuing the flow
  • the most economical method for Flow Diversion
  • suitable for nearly every water amount
  • requires a large area in the pit

Overground Pump Systems

Our most modern techniques and equiptment allow Michel Bau to install overground pump systems with great flexibility we can cover areas with lengths of up to 5,000 m and 10,000 cubic meters of water per hour. This can be done with waste water and storm water.

  • the most flexible way to divert and continue the flow
  • minimum amount of space required
  • the Price in energy and maintenance varies according to the water amount

Syphoning Systems

By building a syphoning system we offer an economical and reliable alternative. The syphoning system offers in comparison to diverting and pumping many advantages.

  • High reliability in all Weather conditions and water volumes
  • blockages free Pipes even with extreme polluted waste water
  • low energy costs through the usage of the natural water table levels
  • self adjusting up to maximum flow rate up to 14,000 cubic meters per hour